Between The Devil and Me

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I used to think that I knew exactly what I wanted in life.


Nothing better than the smell of campfire in the spring.


Nothing better than the smell of campfire in the spring.

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Man every time I go out drinking k come home to weird shit. There’s like 7 kids crashing at my house for the night.

Got the vape tornado down. tight.

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Bored out the holes on my Patriot RDA to something like 1.7mm and LOL I’M A FOG MACHEEN

I have ducks now.
City and Colour - Comin' Home



City and Colour - Comin’ Home

But I just have one last question..

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Alright, I’ve got city and colour on and a cozy bed, open invites.


I’m listening to trap now and I don’t know what my life has come to. fuck me sideways.

man I had the weirdest fucking dream. I was back at work and everything wasn’t going right at the fuel center and I had walked out to take my break to see a girl I used to sleep with walking towards me shrug and say she forgot something, walk back and side and disappear. Shortly after she came back, her car refueled and I step outside to talk to her and I see her pulling away. Except, she was in the passenger seat knuckle deep in her nose. And nobody was in the driver’s seat. And the car was tracking normally like someone was driving it.

Dude what the fuck even. I quit this stupid place.